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Property N 9257: Land plot for sale in Balchik
Land for sale, Balchik (Sea resort)

Country: Bulgaria
Location: Balchik
Sea resort (MAP of location)
  EUR: 462500

Area: 18500 sq. m.
Status: Available


              An advantageous offer indeed! It is an excellent plot of agricultural land situated within the area of the charming sea town of Balchik; eighteen kilometers away from the pearl of the Bulgarian Coast - the attractive beach resort of Albena, and just one km. away from a golf course. A marvelous view is revealed from the property when looking towards the surroundings. The electricity and water supply network passes close to the boundary. A telephone line can be easily installed. The property is accessible throughout winter in spite of being placed along a dirty road.
              The town appears to be the third most significant Bulgarian port serving medium sized passenger ships as well as trade vessels. After the Balkan War in 1913 this town became a territory of Romania. A palace and a botanical garden as well as small chapel and villa complex were built at that time by the request of the Romanian Queen Maria under the construction design of Italian architects, and turned the town into a luxurious resort. Later on, after 1940 Balchik was again included in the territory of Bulgaria. The Palace Complex consists of the central palace building along with a high tower, a many-terraced park, summer-houses made of stone, etc. The throne, situated under an old tree in the complex, is known as Queen Maria’s favorite place for having rest. The picturesque park is arranged in 1924-1936 over the project of the French garden designer Jules Janine. It comprises more than 200 tree species, numerous kinds of flowers, as well as unique collection of more than 250 species of cactus plants. Apart of the palace complex and the botanical garden Balchik became an attractive holiday destination because of its ancient atmosphere that has been preserved for centuries.
              Thanks to the rare combination of a gorgeous nature and interesting historical monuments, the region around Balchik becomes an attractive site for the golf lovers in Bulgaria and abroad. Two new golf courses are being developed nearby. One of them is situated right between the towns of Balchik and Kavarna, on a plateau overlooking the sea. The second one is to be situated along the coastline, near the sea also, in easy reach of the villages of Bozhurets and Topola.
              The golf course near Balchik is as close as eight kilometers away from the town and covers total area of around 1 000 hectares. It will offer 18 holes and will correspond to the best international golf standards. Golfers will enjoy the beautiful view towards the sea and Kaliakra Cape.
Albena International Resort sits approximately 32 kilometers north of Varna and just 20 kilometers south-west of Balchik on a long sand stretch; in the open northern part of Varna’s Bay. The resort was established in 1968. It is acknowledged as one of the most modern Bulgarian resorts along the Black Sea coast. The complex lies beneath a relatively high hill and is given particular charm by the nearby forest of Baltata, a part of which is declared a protected area. The resort's architecture resembles one of Walter Gropius' urban models as most of the hotels have a terraced structure aimed at providing as much sun as possible in summer days. On the north the coast is steep, featuring yellow sandstone and limestone typical for the area. In fact, this kind of stone was used as basic construction material for building the resort.
               Albena is an ecological resort. The unbelievable mix of fresh air, crystal clear sea and mineral water, remedial herbs, various natural products and perfectly organized Medical and Spa Centers makes it perfect location for family holidays. Three camping sites are available in the area – Albena, International and Ekzotika, which offer great opportunities for holidaymakers. The resort has a Congress Centre on its disposal, and provides all the necessary activities concerning a congress and business events.


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