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      Why Bulgaria
Why Bulgaria
 Bulgaria is an ancient European country – one of the oldest on the continent. It combines on its small territory a unique historical heritage with unique natural beauty. This is the land of the oldest gold in the world. This is the land of the sweet-scented rose oil and the best-tasting yoghurt. This is a land of European culture, spiced up with oriental charm.

Bulgarian bagpipes will remind you of Scotland. Bulgarian cuisine will remind you of Greece. You could recognize the Swiss Alps along the sloped of the Bulgarian mountains. You could feel the breeze of Nice along the streets of the Bulgarian Black Sea resorts.

Bulgarian people are hospitable and friendly. Two things they always enjoy – welcoming guests and making new friendships. Friends, good food, red and white wine, music and dance are a distinct and inseparable part of Bulgarian lifestyle.

      What makes Bulgaria currently the top country for property investment?

What makes Bulgaria currently the top country for property investment?

  • Bulgaria is a country that not only has weather comparable to Spain and other top holiday destinations, but also property prices that are less than a quarter of their Spanish counterparts.

  • Over 150 days of sunshine a year, with average summer temperatures of 26ºC (79ºF) and occasionally climbing to a sizzling 35ºC (95ºF).

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      Property Investment Bulgaria - Recent Trends

Property Investment Bulgaria - Recent Trends

Bulgaria is currently the hotspot of property investors with its post-communist era market policies coupled with the beautiful coastal scenario and wonderful weather.

The living cost is one of the lowest in Europe which gives the foreign tourists to buy property at reasonable prices. Property investments in Bulgaria show a record increase in sale mainly because of the ...

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