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Property N S0010: Apartments for sale in Primorsko
Off-plan, Primorsko (Sea resort)

Country: Bulgaria
district: Burgas
Location: Primorsko
Sea resort
  EUR: 31691

Total Floor Area: 46.61 sq. m.
Road: Asfaltroad
Status: Available



The perspective and wise investment!

Prestige City II Primorsko

The sea, the beach strip and the spectacular

scenery have never seemed so close and tempting!

Prestige City II Primorsko

Fully furnished apartments in immediate proximity to the wide beach strip covered with sand dunes near the warm clean water of the Devilish Bay and surrounded by century-old oak and beech forests, a river valley and mountain hills!!!!

Prestige City II Primorsko

A resort complex, located in a heavenly recess endowed by Mother Nature with all of its natural wealth and beauty illustrated by a perfect combination of sea, forest, mountain, river, and lake country!!!!!



Prestige City II project is a residential complex, consisting of two different in size corpuses /the main one Corpus A and the small one Corpus B/ architecturally designed in a modern contemporary style, surrounded by lawns and places for rest and entertainment, with an unusually scenic view from the flats overlooking the beach strip, the sea tract and the natural sights around.

The terrain is located in the front line in the middle of a spacious, 4.5-kilometre-long beach strip covered with the sand dunes.  Prestige City II complex is being constructed on a non-built up terrain situated in an attractive forest land called The Sands.  The terrain combines the presence of unique natural gifts with unique microclimate joining together the coolness of a century-old oak forest and the heat of the gently burning sun rays and offering calm, active and a full valued rest!

This heavenly recess where all natural gifts of Mother Nature get together (the beach strip, sand dunes, sea tract, mountain, forest, river and lake valley) and where the new residential complex PRESTIGE CITY II PRIMORSKO will be situated, offers the future owners and visitors a successful combination of sea-recreational, cognitive and country tourism. The wide beach strip with sand dunes, the warm and pure sea, and the unforgettable awareness of closeness with nature leave behind the memory of a terrific vacation.

In addition to all the natural gifts, the first floor of the central corpus will offer the guests and owners in the complex a variety of services and a lot of entertainment to enrich their daily activities:

       A restaurant, shops, a supermarket, a lobby-bar, a kindergarten, a pool table club, a souvenir shop, and a cosmetic, massaging and hairdressing saloon.

       Offices and a reception

       An outdoor pool for kids and adults and  Jacuzzi

       A SPA centre an indoor pool, Jacuzzi, a sauna, a Turkish bath, a steam bath, and fitness.


The town of Primorsko is a sea-recreational resort, with the INTERNATIONAL YOUTH CENTRE located in its surroundings which is the reason why it is a centre of youth tourism.  It is found 6 km to the north of the lovely little town of Kiten, 52 km to the south of Bourgas, and 442 km to the south-east of Sofia.  It is located on a cape jutting out between the Stamopolo Bay and the Devilish Bay where the natural landscapes change like film pictures alternating spacious sand beeches with picturesque hills, and also the tropical vegetation in the delta of the Ropotamo River with the bizarre rocky formations of the Strandja Mountain.  The old village built in this place in the past was called Chenger and Kjuprija later on.

Primorsko is first described as a unique combination of a hilly and low mountainous relief, indented by picturesque river valleys and various coast forms and second as a unique combination of sea and broad-leaved oak and beech forest.  The total area of the beaches comes up to about 1 square km half of which is occupied by protected dunes. The natural reserve Ropotamo including the protected territories such as Arkutino, Water Lilies, Sea Wormwood and the Stamopulo Marsh is located close by. Through the surroundings of the town the Ropotamo River and the Devilish River pass. The Devilish River receives its waters from the Devilish Lake whose level is below sea. The homonymous bay forming the river and the lake has firth features, namely swamps covered with reed and crimson.

The Ropotamo River is formed through joining of two small rivers-the Tserovska and the Rosenska. In its lower stream the Ropotamo overflows its banks at a width of 30-50 metres. The region around the mouth is the Natural Park Ropotamo with its rocky phenomena such as Lion Head and Dragon House and 6 kilometres away the river is navigable. In the Ropotamo Reserve unique tropical vegetation the only one of its kind in Europe can be found.

The remarkable Butter Cape with its fantastic false fiords is situated in Primorsko.

A convenient way for travelling to Primorsko and its surroundings are chartered and regular flights to the Bourgas Airport. This year in the Primorsko region an airport for small airplanes mostly chartered with up to 24 seats has been started. For motor transport fans there is an active transport system.

Natural Factors:

  • Transitional microclimate from moderate to subtropical-mild, dry with minimal rainfall in summer. The mean temperature in July is 27 degrees centigrade but it often reaches 30C -33C.

  • The beach strip is 4.5 kilometres long. It is covered with mild, golden, and fine sand. The sea water in summer is warm and calm with mean temperature of 25C-26C in July. The sea bottom is smooth and sandy and the bay is shallow. The air is fresh.

  • A favourable combination of high atmospheric pressure, humidity and air temperature

  • Predominantly sunny weather from April to October. The duration of the day is 13-15 hours. The sun is active 8-11 hours per day.

  • A Unique combination of sea and broad-leaved oak and beech forest.


From the nearest district town and the airport Bourgas 52 km.

From the nearest resort cities - Sozopol 18 km.; Kiten 6 km.; Tzarevo 15 km.

         Floor area, including 174 apartments - 14 studios, 95 -1-bedroom, 62 - 2-bedroom, 2 3-bedroom and one 4-bedroom apartment with a summer garden, situated in five living floors and two attics in each of the both corpuses;

-          The total number of the apartments in corpus A is 103 studios 11 ap., 1-bedroom  -  51 ap., 2-bedroom 41 ap.;

-          The total number of the apartments in corpus A is 71 studios 3 ap., 1-bedroom - 44 ap., 2-bedroom 21 ap., 3-bedroom 2 ap. and one 4-bedroom apartment with a wonderful summer garden and a great view to the whole beautiful area.

o        Shared areas and places for fun and entertainment inside the buildings located on the first floor of the main building

       Restaurant, shops, supermarket, lobby-bar, day-care centre, souvenir shop, billiard club, beauty salon, salon for massages and hairdresser salon;

       Offices and a reception

       SPA centre in-side pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, steam bath,   Turkish bath, fitness;

o        Places for recreation and sports activities out-side the bodies

       Swimming pool  for adults and pool for children;


       Playground for children.

o        Grass plots and garden lighting;

o        Checkpoint entrance barrier with non-stop security and a stone fence;

o        Car places all necessary car places are available.

The two corpuses include 5 floors plus two attics.

Four entrances to the central building are provided: the first one is on the west faade, the second one (the central entrance) is on the south-west faade; there are two entrances on the south faade as well as two entrances leading to the small corpus on the west faade. Disabled people can have access to the building under the terms of the Ordinance # 6 from the year 2003.

The vertical communication among the floors and corpuses is accomplished by means of 4 staircase cells with 4 scenic elevators in the central corpus and 2 staircase cells with side lighting and two more scenic elevators in the small corpus.

In each entrance in the small or central corpus there are two floor platforms serving from 3 to 6 flats at the most which guarantees calmness, convenience and isolation of the owners and the visitors as well.

CORPUS A-on Basement there are 2 apartments, first floor -15 apartments, each second, third and fourth residential floor there are 21 flats with different area and number of rooms including studios, two, three and four-roomed flats. On the first floor is located only one 2-bedroom apartment. The fifth floor has 13 different flats, while the attic 1 has 6 spacious apartments and attic 2 contains 4 flats.

CORPUS B-on Basement- 7 apartments, the first floor there are 11 apartments, on the 2nd and 3rd floor 13 apartments on each, on the 4th floor are located 12 apartments, on attic 1 - 4 spacious apartments and on attic 2 4 apartments. On each floor the apartments are with different sq.m., direction and view. On attic 1 is located one 4-room apartments with a wonderful summer garden and a great view to the whole beautiful  and unique area.


IV.  THE apartments in PRESTIGE CITY II- PRIMORSKO are offered fully furnished!!!!!

Apartments are offered for sale with the following stage of finishing:

-flooring - terracotta tiles;
- wall - latex painted;
- ceiling -  latex painted.

- floorings - terracotta tiles;
- walls -  tiled to the ceiling;

- ceiling latex painted;

- electric boiler/heater;
- sanitary equipment -  toilette bowl, wash-basin and water mixing tap, shower cabin/curtain or bath;
- accessories -  bathrobe, circle towel rail, toilet paper rail, toilet brush.
- upper and lower cupboard.
Living room:

 - floor -  laminated parquet

- walls -  latex painted.
- ceiling -  latex paint.
- air-conditioning (for winter and summer use)
- PVC double glazing windows;

- possibility for Internet and cable TV.


 - floor -  carpet/laminated parquet/

- walls -  latex painted.
- ceiling -  latex paint.
- PVC double glazing windows;

- possibility for Internet and cable TV.

Kitchen Box
- flooring - laminated parquet;
- walls -  latex painted;
- ceiling -  latex painted;

- kitchen cupboards, wash-basin and kitchen plot.

- floorings - terracotta tiles.
- walls -  latex painted/ plaster.

The prices include FULLY FURNISHING for:

-         the fully finished kitchenette cupboards, an absorber, a fridge and two hobs, a sink and a splash back, a table with four chairs;

-         the living room a small table, a TV board and TV 21, an extendable sofa and a stool, a chest and a small shelf-glass case;

-         the bedroom 2 single beds, 2 bedside tables, a wardrobe, a mirror, a dresser;

-         if the architectural plan allows in the entrance hall can be put a hall-tree and a shoes-press;

-         for the 2-bedroom and more rooms apartments in the second bedroom a double bed, 2 bedside tables, a wardrobe, a mirror and a dresser.


The prices depend on the payment plan, on the view/direction and on the floor number.

The prices include the jointly shared parts of the building right and the ideal part of the building. The whole built-up infrastructure of the complex - a pool, planting, alleys, fences, communications are also included into the price.

The parking lot shall be paid extra.

The sale shall be executed by a preliminary sale and purchase contract - the transfer in the notary's office shall be executed after the final settlement of payments between the parties

VI.              MAINTENANCE

The maintenance of PRESTIGE CITY II is an obligation of Prestige Holidays Ltd For that the apartment owners in PRESTIGE CITY II have to pay a one-year maintenance fee which will be used for maintenance of the communal parts of the buildings and the whole complex, maintenance of the swimming pools, year round security, use of the swimming pools, lighting of the communal parts of the buildings and the complex.

The obligations of Prestige Holidays Ltd are:

       Ensuring site security by the organization of the necessary security control;

       Maintenance of the yard (inner) communications (electric and water supply and sewerage) and repair of their possible damages;

       Maintenance of the outside water facilities (swimming pools, etc.);

       Keeping clean the territory of the apartment complex: entrance staircases, swimming pools, grass areas, walks, recreational areas, children's playgrounds, as well as the car parking places;

       Maintenance of the complex green areas and the trees;

By request and against additional payment the following services can be provided:
- cleaning and ventilation of the apartments all year round.
- repairs of the apartments.
- payment of the overhead expenses for the apartments, such as taxes, electricity, water etc.
- furnishing of the apartments.
- other services, needed by the owners or their guests for their comfortable stay.


Prestige Holidays JSC through the TITA Ltd gives you an opportunity to use your capitals rationally and wise in a purchase of a brand new luxury summer home in the very fast developing area of the Bulgarian south Black Sea Coast the area of Primorsko District - with the perspective to give back your deposits and also to gain stable and growing incomes.

TITA Ltd undertakes to manage your investment by concluding agreements with tour operators on the English, Scandinavian, Russian and German market and by filling your property when you are not using it.



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